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image007Welcome to my studio and home. We are located on the shore of Lake Champlain in the Adirondack region of New York , where we have a breathtaking view of the lake, islands and mountains. Birds and wildlife are abundant year round. Our home is built on a steep hillside by the lake and is surrounded by ledge. This provides the perfect setting for the many rock gardens and stone paths I’ve built here. I am never at a loss for subjects to paint!

This house was used as a summer camp before we moved here in 1986 and began renovating. In 1993 we built the studio on the second level. It attaches to the garage by a raised walkway. My husband, Jay and a friend built the  studio and I got to do lots of apprentice work.


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image017The room measures 17 x 22 feet and is very bright. It has a high ceiling with three skylights and many windows. There is a sink at one end and a large storage unit at the other. The entrance door was designed and built by Gordon Keyes, a local cabinetmaker and the stained glass window by Kip Trienans, a local artist. There is a large cutting table designed and built by my husband. It sits over a double flat file, a file cabinet and shelf. The room feels so good to me that I am happy to spend most of my time in it! The studio opens onto a loft room where I used to paint. That has become the office and computer area. Stairs lead down from there to the main level of the house, which is surrounded by decks and gardens. We renovated the basement level, which serves as the master bedroom suite. It opens out onto a covered patio and a garden at ground level on the lake side.

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On occasions such as the release of my book, we hold an open studio and often are hosts to 200 or more people. It’s such fun to share this place with friends and patrons! I welcome visits by appointment.

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