Posted on: March 18th, 2022





Dusty was my first painting of the year, on a sheet of Strathmore Plate illustration board. This painting of our cat was a fun project and the surface of the board supported the smooth edges and lifted lights I used to create it. All grays were mixed and the painting is limited to Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, Raw Umber and Burnt Umber. The emphasis is on cool color and warmth in the highlight areas.

Not to be left out, our other cat, Kelsey, was the model for this portrait. The palette is similar, but warmer and the surface is a half sheet of Stonehenge Aqua hot press. This paper also allows lifting and interesting textures.

Amaryllis was next for a change of subject.

It is also on a half sheet of Stonehenge Aqua hot press. It was painted directly with lights lifted out and some edges softened. It has a warm dominance.



Back to painting cats, I just completed a portrait of our Himalayan cat, Kato, who passed away  in 2017, after 19 years with us. This is also on a half sheet of Stonehenge Aqua hot press paper.

I decided to add some background in this one. The colors are Cobalt blue, French Ultramarine Blue, New Gamboge, Raw Umber and Permanent Rose,


I am happy to report that my recent acceptance into the Transparent Watercolor Society 46th Annual Juried exhibition has earned me Signature membership in this excellent watercolor society.

I presently have no workshops scheduled. Any future ones will probably be local. I do have 4 digital books, a hard cover book and 2 videos on this site for those who want to see information about how I paint, my materials and more. There is also painting information in the archived issues of the Seasonal Notes from other seasons.

You can view a variety of my paintings on the gallery pages. Many of these are still available for sale. Contact me if you are interested in information about a particular painting.




54th Watercolor West Annual National Exhibition,  Coastline College Art Gallery Newport Beach, CA

March – April
Western Colorado Watercolor Society; 31st Rockies West National THIRD PLACE AWARD

April – June
Watercolor Society of Alabama 81st National

April – June
Hudson Valley Art Association 89th Annual Juried Exhibition, CT

Peony Aglow
Louisiana Watercolor Society 52nd International, New Orleans, LA

Transparent Watercolor Society 46th Annual, Kenosha Public Museum,  Kenosha, WI
3RD Place Chevillion Memorial Award