Sunset Over Schuyler Island From the Studio (photo)

Summer has flown by and was spent doing lots of weeding and mulching when I wasn’t painting.

I have completed several landscapes and a few florals.

Below are the results and a few comments about each one.

Ruth Ann’s Peony was painted on vellum Strathmore heavyweight Illustration board.

This board usually allows lifting, but I suspect the warm weather has affected the surface, as I found it was not possible. In fact, each time I wet he surface with a wash an ugly texture appeared. I discovered it calmed down once dry, resulting in a mostly normal texture. This made judging color and value difficult as I worked. It also made it necessary to do a lot of waiting, which gave me thinking time before each step. Usually this board is a dream to work on. I’ve found that temperature can affect all kinds of papers and boards, not just this one, so I’ve learned to work with it when it happens. I was still able to mingle color after saturating a section with a soft quill brush before floating on color. Glazing was also done this way.

Descent is on Plate Strathmore heavyweight illustration board.

This allowed for some lifting and nice textures. The palette is a simple one of blues and earth tones. I built up values in layers, letting the surface dry between applications.

Afternoon Glow is on a quarter sheet of Terra Skin paper. This paper is made from stone dust and is similar to Yupo, though not as shiny smooth. It has a warm palette and dramatic lighting. Values were built up here as well.

Dancing Light is on a half sheet of Terra Skin paper with a similar palette. Making interesting textures is easy on this surface and some lifting is possible unless you use staining paint. I did paint around most whites and softened edges as I did so. darks were built up in layers, letting paint dry before each new application.


September 12, 2018 with my Painting, Filtered Light, at the Adirondacks National Exhibition Of American Watercolors, View Art Center, Old Forge, NY.

This is a beautiful venue and a wonderful annual juried exhibition held annually in the heart of the Adirondacks.



American Artists Professional League 90th Grand National; Salmagundi Club, NYC

Montana Watercolor Society 36th Watermedia Annual; Bigfork Art Center, MT
MTWS PRESIDENT’S AWARD: Montana Watercolor Society

Cyclamen Dance
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 39th International; Crary Art Gallery, PA

Drama Queen
Rocky Mountain National Watermedia National;
Evergreen Center For the Arts, CO

Haughty Hollyhock
Annual International Aqueous Open Exhibition, Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. PA.