Sunrise From the Studio (photo)

I’ve been revisiting a few paintings from the past and painted on this one again.  To the right is the original version of Dahlia Duo.

I enhanced the intensity of color and values on this full sheet painting. In places the changes were subtle, but I think the painting is better for it.

Here are a few recent paintings.

Luscious is on a half sheet of Waterford rough paper. It’s focus is the center of the flower utilizing a spiral design. I painted in sections by wetting the area and floating in colors, letting them mingle together on the surface. Darks were made by charging in more paint before the section dried. Edges were softened in places with a damp brush.

Filtered Light is painted on Strathmore Plate Illustration board. This let me make textures and lift easily. This is a high key painting, so has no very dark values. This warm and cool painting has a simple palette of earth colors and blues and these were mingled to suggest the light pattern.

River Rapture, on plate illustration board, was started as a demo several years ago. I finished it with difficulty, because the surface lost its ability to let me move the paint as it should. I believe it was due to storage; Sometimes fluctuating temperature and moisture can be hard on paper surfaces.


I presently have no workshops scheduled. Any future ones will probably be local. I do have 4 digital books, a hard cover book and 2 videos on this site for those who want to see more about how I paint, my materials and more. There is also painting information in the archived issues of the Seasonal Notes from other seasons.



Shady Stream
Hudson Valley Art Association 85th Annual Exhibition; CT

Converging Water
Baltimore Watercolor Society Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition;
Black Rock Center for the Arts, Germantown, MD

Heavenly Hibiscus
Illinois Watercolor Society; Honorable Mention Award

American Artists Professional League Online Members Show; Honorable Mention Award for Texture/Use of Medium

Filtered Light
August – September
Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolor;
View Arts Center, Old Forge, NY

Dashing Dahlia
May – July
Watercolor Society of Alabama77th National

Idyllic Iris
Louisiana Watercolor Society 48th International Exhibition


Northwest Watercolor Society 78th International Open, WA


February – April
Fallbrook Art Center 9th Annual Signature American Watermedia Exhibition; CA


Audacious Azalea
Rockies West 26th National Watercolor Exhibition;
Western Colorado Watercolor Society