Full Moon (photo)



“Dazzle”  was my first painting of the year, on a sheet of Strathmore Plate illustration board. This painting of a hollyhock was a fun project and the surface of the board supported the smooth edges and lifted lights I used to create it. The emphasis is on the warmth in the highlight areas.

“Shimmer” was next for a change of subject.  It is also on a half sheet of Crescent Illustration board. It was painted directly with lights lifted out and some edges softened. It has a warm dominance.

I built up deeper values as I painted the shadow patterns I decided to suggest some background in this older painting, “Spring Thaw”. The colors are Cobalt blue, French Ultramarine Blue, New Gamboge, Raw Umber and Permanent Rose, I also added some deeper values in some of the shadows in the water.



.I presently have  no workshops planned. Any future ones would be local; here in the Adirondacks of NY near Lake Champlain. I do have 4 digital books, a hard cover book and 2 videos on this site for those who want to see information about how I paint, my materials and more. There is also painting information in the archived issues of the Seasonal Notes from other seasons.


You can view a variety of my paintings on the gallery pages. Many of these are still available for sale. Contact me if you are interested in information about a particular painting. phone: 518-834-7440   email:




Poetic Peony  & Shadow Dance
March – April
Western Colorado Watercolor Society; 31st Rockies West National

May – June
Watercolor Society of Alabama 82nd National