Photo From the Studio: Sunset glow over Schyuler Island

Summer is finally here and I’ve been trying to catch up with the weeds in the gardens, so have not painted as much as I’d like. Here are some of the paintings I have produced.

These first two are paintings of stray cats I’ve encountered and photographed. The first was a small kitten in a nearby feral colony.

Homeless is a half sheet painting on Strathmore plate illustration board. I initially planned a dark background and some grasses around the kitten. As I developed it I thought it would better express it’s sweet and vulnerable nature to keep the background simple. The palette is simple, Cobalt blue, New Gamboge, Quinacridone Coral, Burnt Umber and Winsor Violet. I softened edges and added a slight wash to tie the kitten to the ground, so that it’s body didn’t float on a white background.

A stray I called Topaz appeared at our door several years ago and gratefully accepted meals, but eventually moved on. This is on a half sheet of Lanaquarelle cold pressed paper. The simple palette is Quinacridone Coral and New Gamboge, Cobalt blue, Winsor Violet and Burnt Umber. I painted around whites and did some lifting. Many edges were softened to express the feeling of the cat’s soft coat. The light pattern was “purrfect” to show up this lovely feline. This was fun to paint and may spur me to do more.

Joyful was painted on a half sheet of Jack Richeson cold pressed paper. It is a close-up view of a peony from my garden. The same palette as above is used, except for the Burnt Umber. The light pattern and the spiral pattern it created on the petals was what attracted me to paint this. A mix of hard and soft edges help give movement to the design.

Bathed In Light was painted on a half sheet of Terra Skin paper. This surface let me make nice textures and supported lifting well. The palette was Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine blue, Berlin blue, Raw Umber and Burnt Umber, Washes were built up in layers. Some edges were softened and I made textures by spraying water into paint using a toothbrush.


I have no workshops currently planned, but may have one locally if I find the right venue. I am happy to be able to cut back on travel and enjoy home and time painting. Lyme disease symptoms are requiring some adjustments to my routine, so I’m following a clean diet and taking an herbal protocol. This is much easier done at home.



Cyclamen Dance
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 39th International;
Crary Art Gallery, PA

Drama Queen
Rocky Mountain National Watermedia  National;
Evergreen Center For the Arts, CO

Montana Watercolor Society Watermedia Annual;
Bigfork ArtCenter, MT

Shady Stream
Hudson Valley Art Association 85th Annual Exhibition; CT

Converging Water
Baltimore Watercolor Society Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition;
Black Rock Center for the Arts, Germantown, MD

Filtered Light
August – September
Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolor; View Arts Center, Old Forge, NY

Dashing Dahlia
May – July
Watercolor Society of Alabama77th National