SEASONAL NOTES Winter 2020-2021

Sunrise Glow From the Studio (photo)


What a strange year we’ve all had! Making art has been my refuge and I have completed 22 paintings. I have been fortunate to have 22 out of 28 entries accepted for national juried shows and of those, 7 received awards, including the Best of Show with a gold medal in the Montana Watercolor Society Annual Watermedia Exhibition.

See “Dancing Light”, right.

I also earned Signature membership in the Northwest Watercolor Society with my painting, “Opulent Water Lily”.

Here are a few new paintings.

Sophie’s Iris” is on a half piece of Strathmore Water Media Board. As usual, the light was my real subject.

It was fun to mingle many reflected colors within the light petals.

“Hearty Hollyhock”, right, is on a half sheet of Strathmore Watermedia board. This  white flower gave me an opportunity to play with reflected colors in the shadows. The values are all important to make the flower seem three dimensional

“Fall radiance” is my newest painting, done on a half sheet of Fabriano Uno paper. It was a branch outside our living room window that had lovely back lighting.



Wishing you all a happy Holiday season

 and a wonderful New Year!



Pikes Peak international Watermedia Exhibition, CO


Western Colorado Watercolor Society The M. Graham Award; 31st Rockies West National

Watercolor Society of Alabama National Online Showcase


Poignant Peony
Fallbrook Art Center 12th Signature American Watermedia Exhibition, CA

Audubon Artists 78th Annual Exhibition; Online

Dahlia Duo
September; for 1 year
Allied Artists of America Annual; Online