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“Morning Vision” demonstrates Ann’s technique of painting on a smooth surface; using Strathmore 500 series, 5 ply, High Plate Illustration Board.

Painting In The Flow Of Watercolor: Description

Ann Pember’s watercolor landscapes prove that the painter, not the paint, makes the difference in great art. With a limited set of pigments and tools, she creates texture and variety that suggest a full palette and an arsenal of brushes. In this workshop, Ann uses only three blues, two earth tones and two brushes to paint a peaceful, atmospheric river scene she designed from two reference photos. The simplicity of Ann’s materials allow you to concentrate on design and technique. She explains her favorite application and texturing methods, as well as the advantages and intricacies of painting on illustration board. Ann grants equal attention to each shape in her composition. She forgoes a flat wash and concentrates on individual elements to ensure lifelike variation across the high plate board. She returns to each rock and tree with clean water to clean and soften edges, helping the eye flow through the scene.

The forces of nature play a part in Ann’s process as much as they do in her landscape scene. She works with her board at an angle, relying on gravity to weave patterns into the flow of her watercolor. She creates additional texture by spritzing the painting with clean water and an old toothbrush. The delicate spray adds dimension to the boulders and suggests intricate paths in the water.

With the rocks and river in place, Ann uses her earth tones to mix bold greens for the background trees. She demonstrates a range of techniques for painting tree cover: lifting white branches from blocks of color, swirling edges with a flat brush and dotting in leaves with the brush’s edge.

By the end of the workshop, Ann’s five colors have multiplied into a full complement of tones for a rich nature scene. Her attention to each shape and edge makes the river flow smoothly and bubble with life. To add skills and texture to your watercolor without adding colors to your palette, join Ann Pember in Painting in the Flow of Watercolor on High Plate Illustration Board. A section about materials and techniques is included. Ann’s technique may change the way you paint in watercolor! Approx. 110 min


  1. Gloria Andison (verified owner)

    I was absolutely absorbed in watching this video, and so impressed by Ann’s talent and the clear, concise way that she demonstrates her technique in the video. I can hardly wait to try painting on high plate board, and am hoping that she will consider producing another video using 300 lb. watercolour paper.

  2. Bill

    WOW! – Bill Little
    Dear Ann,
    Not often that I have such a busy weekend. Had only enough time to watch a bit of your DVD, but wanted to let you know it arrived and thank you for the quick service. My intention was to watch 3 or 4 minutes this morning since I knew I didn’t have time to watch it all. Fifty minutes later my wife had to tear me away from the TV. My only comment to this point is WOW! More later, Bill

  3. Bill

    I’ve now gone through the DVD a couple times and have actually started throwing some paint on illustration board. I liken it to watching Tiger Woods on TV and then going to the golf course. Not as easy as it looks. But I’m going to put forth a good effort and am optimistic within reason. I’ve had over 20 years of formal education and would be embarrassed to tell you how many instructional videos I have. The only reason I mention that is to let you know I’m somewhat familiar with what I think makes a good teacher. You really have an excellent presentation and the DVD is better than any I’ve seen before. The technical quality of the picture and sound is perfect. And you motivate, which is what I feel is the most important quality of a good teacher. I like the “picture in a picture” showing your palette and how you’re handling the paint. Right now I’m trying to walk through the painting and follow along on the DVD. My results are not so good yet, but I know I can improve a lot with the instruction contained on the
    DVD. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with the world. ….Bill

  4. Brent

    Just a quick note to express my excitement after studying your “Painting In the Flow of
    Watercolor, DVD. I sat down in my studio and completed my first “good” watercolor. I’m a graphic designer and have dabbled in watercolor for the last few years but now I’m hooked and really excited. Your tips and pointers were invaluable and I’m finally happy with a watercolor that I have created and there will be many more to come. Softening the edges and spritzing the toothbrush turned my first waterfall scene on the Strathmore plate into a fairly good composition. I still have much to learn, but my confidence is soaring. Thank you so much for sharing your talent so that others like myself can learn.

  5. Barbara H

    Good for beginners or intermediates. Excellently produced video. Barbara H

  6. Jane

    Ann Pember’s explicit guidance by talking through her thought process while taking the viewer Step-by-step, make this DVD one for beginner or advanced painter. Limited palette, few brushes and easy techniques produce a successful watercolor within a painter’s grasp as well as take some of the apprehension out of the medium. Close-ups followed by distance shots shows us the importance of stepping back regularly to see how the shapes work in the whole picture. It is definitely an encouraging and motivating teaching video to own. I rate this DVD a 5.

  7. Kathi D

    I loved this DVD! The artist doesn’t leave out any steps, you follow her thru the entire painting as she tells you and shows you what she is thinking and doing . I highly recommend this one. Kathi D

  8. Lisa R

    What a delight! This is not only clear, concise and educational, it was mesmerizing! Watching how Ann paints rocks, water, trees with her special techniques will stay with me. Enjoy! Lisa R

  9. Barbara L

    Wonderful video, excellent way to put texture on rocks. Barbara L

  10. Laura P

    The DVD with Ann Pember was really wonderful. I learned different techniques that were completely new to me and that created a feeling and texture that I’ve been trying to achieve for ages. I highly recommend this DVD! Laura P

  11. Richard H

    This is a beautiful demo of a painting from beginning to end. Very interesting and worth watching. However, there is very little teaching, just the demo. And if you wish to try and duplicate this painting, I believe you will have to buy the surface she is using or something similar. Still, it is a very good demo and well worth watching and shows you the wide range of colors and values that can be made from just four colors. Richard H

  12. Sidney F

    I found “Painting in the Flow of Watercolor” to be very well presented and very informative. The techniques were clearly explained and demonstrated. This DVD was well worth watching. Sidney F

  13. Marjorie T

    I highly recommend PAINTING IN THE FLOW OF WATERCOLOR. Ms. Pember willingly shares all kinds of hints and ways to accomplish a beautiful watercolor painting on high plate illustration board. Super teacher! Marjorie T

  14. Don B

    Well photographed and presented. Made me want to try to do some watercolor on a smooth surface, like the High Plate Illustration Board. The development of the rocks and flowing water was clearly illustrated. Overall, quite helpful. Don B

  15. Vivian M.

    WOW! Be prepared for an intense lesson. This lady makes the most of details and perfecting her techniques. Vivian M.

  16. Moira

    Last winter, I purchased one of your videos from CCP and wished to tell you that your technique for painting rocks and water is wonderful. Since my very first workshop, which was a great learning experience for me, this is the most fun and success I’ve had with a painting in years. Your paintings are terrific and you have a great talent.
    Thank you for sharing this with me. Moira

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