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Finished Painting, “Captivating Cattleya”


VIBRANT ORCHID… Painting In the Flow Of Watercolor demonstrates Ann’s technique for painting on traditional watercolor  paper using: Waterford 140 lb. cold pressed paper by T. H. Saunders.

Watch Ann demonstrate her sectional, wet-into-wet technique. See how colors are mingled on the surface and blended using the right value and a variety of edges. Observe close up as she uses gravity, water and pigment to create a variety of luminous passages and textures. Her method controls and moves the watercolor to create clean, vibrant color and vividly captures the essence of the subject. Learn how Ann: looks at a subject, chooses what to keep and how she edits unnecessary elements. See how to use enough pigment to achieve deep values and beautiful, glowing darks. Whether a beginner, or a seasoned painter, you will gain many useful ideas from Ann that can help you paint more dynamic watercolors. There is extensive information included about the materials used and how Ann approaches the painting process. Approx. 110 min.


SeeCreative Catalyst Productions, Inc., Ann’s producer at www.ccpvideos.comfor great videos by other talented workshop artists and tell them I sent you.



  1. Christine

    “I enjoyed your orchid video. The double camera viewing of your palette, brush washing and painting was very instructive. Unless you are in an actual class you rarely see the brush washing and blotting which is so important to water control. Your ebook is likewise very detailed. So many of the books I have assume the reader knows the details. Next week I am taking my first actual wet-in-wet workshop and I feel I have a better chance of getting the most out of it, thanks to you.

    Below are my first attempt and my fourth attempt with your first exercise.

    Thanks again for taking the time to produce the book and video.” Christine

  2. April J

    “I had to write and tell you how impressed I was with your video. I am presently working through it and love your demonstrations. The step-by-step instructions are complete and easy to follow. The palette and “tip” inserts that play simultaneously with your demonstrations make it seamless and so easy to follow along. The menu is broken down into nice sized segments so that I can get to the demo I am attempting – you make it look so easy! I could go on, but you get the point. It has opened up a new dimension of painting for me. Thank you so much for your wonderful video…and relax, you are a great teacher”.

  3. Moira

    Last year, your DVD taught me how to paint rocks differently and I love using illustration board with watercolor now. I’ve just purchased your Vibrant Orchid DVD and love it. Thank you so much for sharing your skills. Because of your DVD’s, my painting style is growing and I see much improvement. Other artists living in more rural settings may benefit from workshops on DVDs and books, as well as those who are intimidated when in workshop settings. Moira, Ontario

  4. Deborah R

    Really great! Valuable instruction and demonstration of technique. Information on color palette and brushes as well. Shows touching up a painting and knowing when to stop. I loved it! Deborah R.

  5. Diane

    This is an excellent DVD because Ann shows you exactly how she paints 1 whole painting. You see how each stroke goes in close-up. On other DVDs, they just tell you to move your brush this way and then they show you the effect after they have done it. You don’t learn that way. Ann Pember’s DVD is stroke by stroke which is what I like. Diane

  6. Lois

    Great video, I painted while I watched. She taught me about using the flat brushes. Lois

  7. Jean S

    Wonderful, beautiful painting. This video is a great demonstration of getting the paint flowing in watercolor. My one caveat would be this is probably not the best video for a beginner. It is a wonderful demonstration, but does not focus on basic techniques that a beginner would need. If you already know the basics and want to kick your painting up a notch, this one is great. Jean S.

  8. Verena H

    I have always loved Ann Pember’s watercolors and have learned a lot from her book and also from her DVD Vibrant Orchid. In the future I would like to view all of her DVDs. For all you water colorists out there I recommend this DVD. Verena H.

  9. Jean

    Thank you so much for sending the video so promptly. I am enjoying it very much and find it so full of great information and techniques. I find myself using larger brushes and am enjoying using a flat brush more often. I love your use and application of color and I am trying to apply more color to my own painting. I love your work and enjoy your book very much and now this video is certainly my favorite video. Thank you again. Jean

  10. Judy

    I realized that I hadn’t gotten back to you on the flower DVD. It is wonderful! You really explain your approach clearly so that it is easy to follow. Thanks! Judy

  11. Jane Smith


    Ann Pember’s explicit guidance by talking through her thought process while taking the
    viewer step by step, make this DVD one for beginner or advanced painter. Limited palette, few brushes and easy techniques produce a successful watercolor within a painter’s grasp as well as take some of the apprehension out of the medium. Close-ups followed by distance shots shows us the importance of stepping back regularly to see how the shapes work in the whole picture. It is definitely an encouraging and motivating teaching video to own. I rate this DVD a 5.

  12. Brenda Beltramo

    HIGHEST QUALITY – by Brenda Beltramo from Tahoe , Nevada

    This DVD has tremendous instructional value. Not only do you watch a wonderful artist creating beautiful work, but the filming and production is such high quality you’ll feel like you are in the studio working with her on every step and technique. You’ll be glad you get this one!

  13. Jennifer Nichols

    WILL THERE BE MORE VIDEO’S? – by Jennifer Nichols

    I have the “Orchid” video and just LOVE it! Yours is the best one I have on how to paint
    flowers. I love your other flower paintings also and am wondering when and if you’ll be
    coming out with another video.
    Thanks …. beautiful work!

  14. Madeline

    VIBRANT ORCHID – Madeline
    I want to thank you and Creative Catalyst for producing the “Vibrant Orchid” CD…it is the
    absolute best level of quality…the very BEST. The reason I know is because I also just
    purchased a video from another artist and it is so out of focus and blurry, not to mention
    that the lighting was atrocious and no zooming in close where you could actually see how the watercolor pigment was actually being applied to the paper surface. It is actually worthless. Your work is gorgeous and the style of your presentation is wonderful. I am thrilled with this CD and I hope you and CCP produce another please. Seeing this one
    makes me want more, I really feel like I have gained so much knowledge and confidence from this CD, it is so far and above any other I have had before.

    Thanks so much,

  15. SuSan

    FABULOUS – SuSan
    I just wanted to share with you how fabulous the Ann Pember video that I just completed was. I have purchased so many videos on watercolor that I believe I am an expert. I recently had my teenage daughter sell all my videos on eBay. Most of the videos I purchased were from very well known artists and you would recognize the names. Ann’s video was absolutely perfect and hers is the one I will keep. I loved the way the painting was completed and the camera stayed on every stroke so we could see the complete process. All the written material at the side was perfect along with the view of the palette. This is the most sophisticated video I have seen. I really felt at the completion that I really learned a lot. In the past I have purchased watercolor videos for the same price and they have only been 15 minutes, certainly not 110 minutes. Terrible. I think you did a great job and I hope you produce a lot more videos of Ann’s in the future.
    Thank you. SuSan

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