Workshop Comments

“I attended the Morton Arboretum workshop in September, 2004. It was fantastic. My only wish was that it was longer than 3 days. I learned so much from the morning demonstrations and from on-on-one help from Ann. She is so good at demonstrating and giving everyone help as needed. Ann shares her talent and experience in a way that all of us in this workshop were able to apply to our own paintings. While she shows the mingling of colors, her brush just seems to dance on the paper… really does. It is wonderful to watch, and actually learn, because it is given in such an understandable manner. She taught valuable information on so many things……composition, light, shadows, shapes, color and on and on. I feel that I learned more in these 3 days than I have at other workshops and have grown as an artist. This is one workshop not to be missed. I would definitely like to take another workshop from Ann.”

Carol Lagrow, Michigan

“I’m still savoring the wonderful workshop you gave at the arboretum. I have attended several workshops in the past: but never one as helpful as yours!  You were more than generous with you demos. Your explanations were so helpful and complete. I’ve never met an artist who was as helpful and willing to share as you are. I’m looking forward  to your new book ( I still love the old,) and to attending another workshop soon. Cheers and Thank you again!!! “


Hi Ann,
Thank you for a wonderful workshop.  If I just keep applying all that I learned, hopefully my paintings will just get better.  You are an excellent instructor, capable of explaining as you go.  Your calm demeanor is also a tremendous asset.

I am glad you had a safe trip home, and I know you look forward to painting and caring for your cat.  Thanks so much for sharing your photos.  I can picture you in your studio (even if it is not as neat as the photos) looking out the window at Lake Champlain.

My husband was as thrilled with your painting as I was.  The first words out of his mouth were, “What a beautiful painting.  I can see why you wanted to own it.  You should hang it in your studio for inspiration.” I have paid on-line via PayPal using MC and have a confirmation number.  Thank you for making this possible. If you need anything further, please let me know immediately. Warmest regards,


“The workshop I attended was outstanding.  Not only did I have a great time but I learned more in a few days than I could have imagined.  When I next attended my regular class my teacher commented on the apparent improvement and that is supported by the fact that I have received my first acceptance into a juried show with the first piece I completed after the workshop.  Ann, thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your knowledge.   I look forward to attending another class with you.”

Paula Kufs, 2002

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful personality and talent with all of us at the  Springfield, Oregon workshop. Watching you paint is like watching a story unfold. I’ve learned so much.”

Cleve Boehi, 2003

“Everyone is talking about how much they enjoyed your demos – speaking of your flower painting process as a ballet, with rhythmic motions that are fascinating. It seemed we were mesmerized. For me the landscape on illustration board is IT. I have a very decent painting to enjoy – I’m sure I’ll do more.”

Eleanor Rowland Glens Falls, NY June, 2003